Handmade shoes
Handmade shoes and bag

I could just go ahead and scream a loud YES without any argument but no sir, I won’t do that. We will go around the long way to the simple answer and, hey, you will live the ride. ready?

Are handmade footwear better than their factory made cousins? Let us take a good look at any handmade footwear from the start of its production as against those shoes from mass production facility.

  • let’s start with the shoemaker, he gets an idea of a design for a particular client and takes hims time to put it down as a diagram on paper. At the factory, that design will surely be multiplied in thousands. Why not?, it’s mass production, remember?
  • Then he goes to the market to source for materials that best brings his dream to life. He picks and discards materials till he gets the color, quality, texture, size and so on of all the different materials he needs, all matching for this one footwear. Factory? The supplier dumps all his good, bad and urgly materials. Job well done and away he goes. I mean all that dump will always find its use in the machine.
Handmade sandals for women
Handmade shoes
  • He starts working, spending days on the different parts one after the other: outsole, midsole, insole and the main body. Of course, the factory has different machine for and different part of the shoe and what’s a machine doing if it can’t give you the job in a blink, almost?
  • Then the shoemaker has to put the different shoe parts together with very quality glue and sewing, making sure his work can’t fall apart any time soon because he doesn’t want his clients to just call again but to call again with friends. While at the mass shoe factory, we have tons of boxed fansy shoes that don’t always necessarily have to be done with durability on mind.
  • His customer relations with his clients are exceptionally satisfactory and pleasant so he keeps a mutually benefiting relationship with you. At the factory, ah, am not sure any of those machine care for a relationship with clients. It’s nothing personal.
  • It is very possible that the design of the footwear the shoemaker delivered to you will be way different from mine. I mean he has got lots of ideas and the more shoes he builds, the better his designs, ideas and product quality. For the machines, emm, just set the calibrations and stuff and be the recipient of a load of same styled shoes. That’s what mass production is all about, right?
Handmade sandals for women
Handmade shoes

Conclusively, Handmade footwear/shoes last longer than manufactured shoes. In many cases, they can be worn for years, ‘and, sometimes, decades’ If maintained well, resoled and re-heeled when needed, and using high quality leather rather than cheaper but less durable materials, a pair of handmade shoes could well last a lifetime which makes than a very practical choice when budgeting for footwear and what’s more, you get it custom made to suit your fashion style.

So, does handmade footwear last more than factory mass produced shoes? The answer is not far fetched. A definite YES, hand made footwear are good, better and ‘bestest’ if you desire a durable quality custom made footwear of any shoe type.

Afro fashion craft is still a very good bet for beautifully crafted durable and quality custom made footwears. With us, you can be as fashionable as you want and excise your unique fashion styles.

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