We have two grades for both footwear and bags.


Both grades are made from quality materials but while CLASSIC (bags) are made more from easily sourced new generation materials, EXOTIC for bags lends more towards vintage materials and for footwear, this includes wrapped wedges, gladiator sandals, heels etc. This gives you, our cherished customers, the opportunity and freedom to make a choice between either or choose to blend both when you order.

Here are our regular price for these stated quantities. Other quantities are negotiable, (you can choose to order more, less or in-between)

Price Total
Classicset (a dozen)44.45533.40
half pack (5 dozens)44.452,667
full pack (10 dozens)44.455,334
Exhoticset (a dozen)56.45677.40
half pack (5 dozens)56.453,387
full pack (10 dozens)56.456,774
Craftyapparels regular price chart


Craftyapparels offers free shipping on bulk purchase to all her customers. Visit Crafty Apparels POLICY page to view offers related to your order.

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