Handmade handbags and pursues
Handmade handbags


I was a student of medicine with all the flair and focuse of a young physician to be, but there always was this irritating habit of creativity my hands always found themselves in. While the rest of me craved the white cassock, my hands would run off to write, mould, draw, sew or just stick pieces of colorful broken bottles on boards to create something. As a hobby, yea, I was dandy with it.

Still, we all know two captains can’t pilot a ship, so somewhere along the line, the obviously stronger of the two passion, or do I say the more crafty of the two delight, finally dominated and voala, here I am.

I left medic school and stethoscope for tape rule and gum after I had enthusiastically aced handmade bags and shoe making class. Seeing that I always love dress looks that don’t walk back at me on the streets, not surprising I decided to via a little from the norm.


Handmade shoes for sale
Handmade fashion shoes and bag

Now, as a proprietor and one of the small but study team at Crafty Apparels, I can bind and channel all that passion into creating something unique for all Custom Handmade lovers like me, who share a delight for the uncommon and rare in the world of Apparels and Fashion.


Teaming up with reliable and innovative like minds (hands) and operating a Customer Friendly Policy, Crafty Apparels has evolved from a couple of people who loved to revamp old shoes for family and friends to a small but competent and creatively functional handmade shoe and bag Enterprise with a reputation for creating Originally Unique, Durable and Affordable Custom Handmade Handbags, Shoes, belts, hairbands, earnings, necklaces, bracelets, scrunchies and more in a carbon free production process.

We love to craft our Unique Handmade Apparels with a blend of very quality West African fabrics, durable supplies sourced from countries Globewide and vintage materials that inspires nostalgia all put together by hand and in zero carbon process.

Handmade bags and be purses
Handmade Bags

Unlike many others, our Originally Unique Handmade Bags and Shoes are very easy to maintain. They can be washed, resoled or repaired IF need be thereby promoting a cleaner environment for a healthier earth.


At Crafty Apparels, we love to experience and experiment with innovative ideas, imaginative talents, original designs, passionate creativity, unusual production methods and the use of contemporary materials as we aim for a global reach to offer you the Unique and Outstanding..,

…so we exploit and create excitingly unique quality Handmade Handbags and Shoes all the time to ensure that our sale is enhanced, your buying is fulfilling and the general brand experience for all involved is satisfactorily great.

So get in touch now,

Let’s build something positive together.

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