Easy To Source Materials For Handmade Shoes

If you are looking to make any kind of footwear by hand and you want to know all the materials needed for the fun trip in one place, this is your bus stop.

Handmade shoes
Materials for handmade shoes

Some of these materials can be alternated but let’s dive in already.

  • First and first you need a shoe lass/mould. This is that wooden or plastic/silicon version of the human leg and they come in different sizes , with the male mould being different itfrom that off the female. You must use the size that correspond with the size of footwear you wish to make.
  • Secondly you need very good quality gum. I usee the best I can get and my result is always good.
  • We need boxcutter for accuracy and precision in cutting.
  • A pair of sharp scissors
  • Punch always curated punch board if you are going to make fancy holes or lace holes.
  • A brush to spread the glue with.
  • You may need a tape rule for accuracy in measurement.
  • A hammer and a mallet for when you need to punch a hoke and when you need to flatten a rough edge respectively.
  • For markings down measurement and points, the invisible pen is best or alternatively, a pencil will do.
  • A seasoned shoemaker knows how to make his sole but a starter can do with an already made outer sole. This is the part that has to co-exist with the floor.
  • then for the middle sole, Kariboard (hard board) is your best bet.
  • The outer sole is usually made maco, this is responsible for the springy part that supports the feet.
  • Don’t forget leather lining. It will be used to cover the maco outer sole.
  • whatever material you wish for your footwear main designs, you can use. It could be leather (synthesis or original animal skin) damask, textile, or any other unconventional but durable fabric you wish to use like we do at craftyapparels.
  • For more elaborate decorations, just go with your instinct and if that does not work out, well, then you know it’s one way not to make a footwear right?

Well, these are all the basic materials you need for making a footwear. Go ahead and try making one, it’s fun. Better yet, check us out at craftyapparels for orders or tutorials on any particular type of footwear or a specific design you have on mind so we help you bring it to life.

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