SEA FOOD JUMBO, Grandma’s secret

Seafood jumbo is one meal that always come to the table to bring a smile on every face seated.

Seafood jumbo

Do you have those times when you just don’t feel like doing the regular, you want to do it light but you still want to stay with healthy and nutritionally agreeable meal, yeah, happens to me too and that’s when I go for food like the seafood jumbo and I like it grandma’s style.

Here we are going to find out how to make seafood jumbo is from grandma’s old school recipe and when you try it out on your own, you will agree with me that this recipe is just the best.

The selection of seafood used are not strict as you can decide to add to my choice, remove an item you do not like. It’s all a matter of preference.

So with no further ado, let us proceed to the market to acquire the necessary condiments required for our seafood jumbo.

  1. Of course, we start with the different types of seafood we need. I like to have as many as possible but we will make do now with shrimps, prawns, crabs, crefish and octopus. All combined to the total mass of one kilogram.
  2. We will need one teaspoon of dry grind ginger.
  3. Half teaspoon of dry grind turmeric powder.
  4. some cloves of fresh garlic .
  5. Fresh grind chili peppers
  6. One average sized bulb of onion
  7. I like to add a couple table spoon of fresh tomato paste.
  8. Then Seasoning and salt to taste.

You may want your seafood jumbo as a side dish, a desert or main course. You may also want it to go with a bowl of fresh , leafy vegetable salad,

Nigerian catering kitchen

Now that we have all the condiments we need all complete, time for us to proceed to the kitchen for the main game.

  1. First we must wash all the seafood and dress each accordingly .
  2. Then place them all in a mixing bowl.
  3. Add into it the grind dry ginger, turmeric, chopped cloves of garlic, grind fresh chili paste, chopped or grind onions and the tomato paste
  4. Also add in the seasonings and salt.
  5. Rub the added spices in to the seafood like you do if you were to have a roast, just so the spices blend and mix into the seafood.
  6. Put some water in a stockpot, just enough to cook the seafood tender and have some broth leftover.
  7. Place the seafood into the pot with the water, starting with the larger ones to to avoid having the smaller ones cooked while the larger one still stay though.
  8. Now we cover and place the pot on the fire to cook for some minutes, say fifteen.
  9. After the set time, stir with a wooden ladle and cook for two more minutes and our seafood jumbo is ready to serve.

I hope this piece is helpful. We like to know all about the adventure you had trying it out or do you have your personal style for this recipe?

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