HANDMADE SHOES: Do they last?

Handmade sandals for women
Handmade sandals

I get this question often, especially from my first time clients or would be clients who want to know if they should budget and book for their footwear with us at afro fashion craft.

Do handmade shoes/footwear last?

The answer is always a loud YES not because I want to sell the idea of usuing handmade shoes (though I think you should seriously consider it), but because it is the simple truth.

Funny, the general perception of handmade shoes, especially by those who don’t use it, (yet) is that it is too cheap, they know the shoe maker and since a prophet is hardly appreciated in his home town, his work fares no better and in other cases, if the product was not made in a huge factory it can’t be worth while,

Hmm. What can I say but that these are grossly unfounded perceptions of handmade shoes and handmade products in general.

 Handmade footwear last longer than manufactured shoes. In many cases, they can be worn for years, ‘and sometimes, decades’ If maintained well, resoled and re-heeled when needed, and using high quality materials rather than cheaper but less durable materials, a pair of handmade shoes could well last a lifetime which makes than a very practical choice when budgeting for footwear.

My reasons for saying this is that with the knowledge of what goes into handmaking footwear, it becomes obvious that handmade footwears are simply and Un controversially the best for your footwear budget.

Handmade shoes
Little cost for more quality
  • First, consider the fact that these are made by hand not machines. A lot goes into handmade and some of the process are:
    1. It takes a lot of time,
    2. full dedication,
    3. the love for the hard work involved,
    4. complete concentration
    5. and a heavy dose of unrelenting passion and believe you me, no craftsman/shoemaker wants to spend all these only to come out with a bad job. No. Way. It will hurt him too much for him to even attempt such a depressing conclusion to his work.
  • Secondly, think about the hardwork that goes into the job. Every thing is usually handpicked by the shoemaker from sources he trusts and since the final result partly depends on the quality of the materials, the best quality is what he would purchase. He would also make sure that the piece match. Even the production process brings out the best in him and guess what, he gets better yet with every piece he makes. Now tell me which huge machine run shoe manufacturing company can boost of this.
  • Another reason I say , and you must agree that handmade footwear are the best is that apart from the durability of the final product, the guaranteed quality of the footwear, you also get bonus of having your shoes custom made, WOW! Yes you can get a durable and quality fashion footwear custom made to your exact preference and satisfaction of your personal fashion style.
  • Lastly, every good business is established with the aim for growth and shoe making business is no different. If the shoe maker has the habits of making bad products, he has already crashed his business before it started. He does not just consider the general cost of his work but must also put into consideration the fact that good product will keep him in steady inflow of clients and consistently in good business.
Handmade shoes
Handmade shoes

Now tell me again that huge machine run mass shoe producing company that can fix you up with the kind of quality and service you get off from handmade shoes. Ehenn.

That handmade ‘shoeprophet’, I mean shoemaker deserve more that a passing glance. Check him out next time you thing footwear or better yet, afro fashion craft can add a lot more spicing to your everyday custom look if you just give us a Holla.

Don’t forget to always treat yourself to meals that works and stay safe and healthy. See you on our next post.

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