Crafty is a small but competent team of creatively inspired and passionately dedicated Shoemakers and Entrepreneurs besides.

The team at Crafty Apparels left to right. Sengohol, Queen and Ruthie.

Here’s Sengohol from the left, that’s me, head purchasing and operations, marketing and sales and a goal driven imaginative talent at Crafty Apparels. A single mom to two very active, intelligent and supportive teens: Nsere (male) and Mwese (female). I love animals, nature, reading, traveling and creating things. I love you and I love making your shoes. You think I can’t handle a hammer? You won’t be thinking that when you’re rocking Crafty Apparels.

Middle is the ‘Melanicious’ Queen. Married and very ready to ‘replenish the earth’ with her forthcoming offsprings. When she’s not passionate creative at the shop, She’s the magic and charm in our Public Relations and Customer Service. An out going introvert and a perpetual merry soul. You will be infected with the best of feelings whenever you meet her.

To the right on the picture is the amiable Ruthie who, besides her strong hands at the work table, deals with all our Legals and Finances. Lives with her adorable husky, Easy going, responsible, a vast wallet of innovative ideas and will bend over backwards any day to meet a need.

Together with the rest of our very reliable work force at Crafty Apparels, it is no wonder we pride ourselves in our work, love our craft, make boost in our product’s uniqueness and the quality of our service to customers.

We enjoy what we do and happily combine great traditional skills with contemporary materials, passion and designs to keep you calling back.

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