BEST IS EWU RECIPE.(NGWONGWO) the old fashioned way.

I love Africa for the abundance of different types of culture, and with this come the abundant abundance of different types of food. Yes, FOOD.

Now this peculiar dish isi ewu, also known as ngwongwo or nkwobi with its origin deep in the ibo land , east of Nigeria west Africa, is one traditional meal that surpasses many. No other meal in its grade. It resides in a class of its own, believe me.

Goat head
Goat head

It is dominantly a protein pack but also very rich in minerals with exotic taste and outlook that can make you salivate, making it a memorable experience for the pallet and a healthy diet for the body.

The preparation of nkwobi is very simple and easy to follow and the condiments needed are not difficult to source as you can see from the item list below. The quantity I want to prepare will be for two people.

  • First we need potash, also known as kaun.
  • Then fresh palm oil. (NB:One way to know if your palm oil is fresh is if it does not stick to the tongue). Salt and seasoning
  • One onion bulb, to be sliced in full moon or half-moon shape.
  • For vegetable we will need garden egg leafs, I really prefer this because it’s among the few leafy vegetables you can eat raw.
  • Ground black pepper, chemeroon peppers, a full tablespoon.
  • If you wish to add some sea foods like prawns, it’s all good.
  • Ugba, a hand full will do. you can choose to skip this or you can use a table spoonful of locust beans optionally.
  • And one goat head, cooked and the meat picked off of the skull and cut to sizes.

We don’t need anything more for this mouth watering traditional delicacy and apart from cooking the meat to be tender, we have no business with the cooker. Yes. No fires needed and no cooking pots needed. Surprise?

Yes, that is how traditional this meal is. What we need is a morter. We will prepare our ngwongeo in a morter but if you don’t have one, please feel free to use the container you have.

So now we start the preparation of our goat head nkwobi.

  • Melt the potash in a plate with little water and alow the solvent to settle at the bottom of the plate. The liquid is what we need.
  • Drain the potash water into the morter and Slowly mix in the palm oil while you stir until you get a thick paste. The color of the red palm oil will also change towards yellow.
  • Add into it the ground chemeroon peppers, salt and seasoning and mix.
  • If you are using ugba, now is the time to add it along with the sea food too then mix well.
  • Lastly, it’s time to include the cooked , de skulled and cut goat head into the mix and with it goes the sliced garden egg leafs and sliced onion. You can save a few onion rings and some vegetable for garnish.
Best Nkwobi recipe

Our toil has paid off and here is our result.

The traditional way to serve this is in a special sized mortar (plate size, )but hey, though it makes the presentation grand and all that, just dish the delicacy into the nearest plate and let’s dig in.

Have you had fun preparing your isi ewu or you are yet to try it out? We live to hear all about your adventure with it and if you have any questions or contributions, give us a Holla.

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Till next post, stay safe and remember that healthy nutrition is top priority.

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