What Is The Meaning of Fashion


A few of my friends keep insisting they have no fashion sense, or that they do not think they are among those who know how to be fashionable.
Then when you ask them what they think fashion is, or what their own definition of fashion is, of course, diverse kinds of answers emerge. Needless to say that when these answers are brought together and examined, the final thesis will be opposed to their earlier claim of not being into fashion.

What is then the meaning of fashion?

This blog outlines some of the most prevalent definitions of the word fashion and as you read on you will discover the secret to a truly great fashion and how you can be fashionable even on a budget.

Fashion is a very hot topic in today’s society, a subject of study at different levels and we all live it in our every day life no matter what inspires your fashion on individual level.

Fashion style
Crafty apparel

Fashion is something that every human, no matter the race, time of existence, belief, upbringing, wealth status, or social standing, culture and even age has always been and always will be involved in.
It does not matter if a person wishes to intentionally be fashionable or not. We all are practising fashion in one of its form or another and we all are fashionable in our personal fashion styles or preference.

It starts from before we are able to make choices for ourselves, when we are bound to the wishes of our parents, and continues through our life time.

Although Fashion more generally means clothing, the wearing and the study of it, aspects of it can be feminine or masculine and some trends are androgynous.

Fashion is everywhere and in every aspect of man’s existence.

So, What does fashion mean?
What is fashion in one word?
How would you define fashion?

fashion can be defined as;

  • A particularly popular and latest style or mode of dressing.
  • A generally accepted way of doing things or manner of behavior.
  • A popular choice or method of decorating, be it interior, exterior or ones self.
  • A reigning style of hairdo.
Personal fashion
Personal fashion
  • A general term for a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, etc.
  • A particular form of art.
  • A glimpse into or the outflow of self or personality.
  • A distinctive and often habitual trend in the style with which a person dresses, as well as behave.
  • A popular style and manner of presenting oneself.
  • A glimpse into a people’s overall cultural heritage or religious belief.
  • Fashion conveys a concept of who or what you are.
  • General conduct of a group of people.
  • Current or popular trend in mode of dressing.
  • Style of doing things especially of dressing.
  • Constantly prevailing manner of behavior or etiquette.
  • Constantly changing trend, especially of wears and general outlook.
  • Fashion also refers to the newest creations of textile designers.

Looking at all the accepted definition of fashion, some deductible facts are that fashion is always on the move, it is always changing and yet constant, an ever living, ever present, ever growing and ever evolving entity.
Can be altered, changed or improved on but never ignored or walked over.
Differs with persons, race, time, social status, upbringing, wealth status, culture, ethics and beliefs but nevertheless ever very present and very persistent.

On a wider view, the fact that with each person the meaning of fashion has a different value can be interpreted that what inspires your fashion style differs. Still,  it can not be overly stressed that it may not be prudent to just follow the rave if one intends to identify oneself in a desired fashion. As Gianni Versace wisely said, Do not be into trends and don’t let fashion own you. Decide what you are or what you want to express by the way you live and dress. Understand why fashion is important to you as an individual and live by your own fashion rules.

Being fashionable is not in the imitation of models or in expensive wears. It’s to be happy, confident and comfortable in what you wear.

It is not about the cost or brand, but in being Okey in your own body and complementing it in simple wears with style. It is about the state of your mind and your carriage.

Conclusively, it is agreeable that fashion is something we can not do or live without as it strongly inserts itself in our daily lives, yet, one might still ask why fashion is important or if one can be fashionable on a budget? These links are a lead to the best answers.

You might have a different view or definition to fashion, please write to share with us. All your comments and questions are welcome and don’t forget to like and rate this post and share with your friends. Also follow us to be the first notified of new educative and interesting posts.

Till we meet again, stay safe.

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