What Happens When You Eat Moi Moi Wrapped in Leaves

Moi moi leafs
Moi moi leafs

One of my joys growing up was eating moimoi, (beans cake) and believe you me, grandma old fashion recipe was the trick to making the perfect moi moi recipe, which she crowns by wrapping the bean cake with leaf.

The moi moi wrapping leave, also known as miraculous fruit, miraculous berry, serendipity berry and katamfe, ewe Eran in yoruba, Adundunmitan, akwukwo ebele in ibo , West African plant , has been and still is the best as well as the healthiest container/wrapper for cooking moi moi for more obvious reasons than I can state here.

  • Heath wise it is your friend.
  • Hygienically it is safe.
  • And as for taste, hmm, no other wrap or container can compare to it.

Now let’s break this down.

Best Moi moi recipe
Moi moi

The ewe eran, aka moi moi leaves, has been discovered to ne a natural source for thaumatin a sweet protein.

It has also been noted that the seed has high protein, starch and calcium, magnesium .

The sap can be used as antidote for venom, the fruit as laxative in some part of Africa ,

A study published in the British journal of pharmaceutical reserch said That is anti diabetic and lower blood sugar. Lower blood fat. Anti inflammatory Helps with pain. Anti oxidants to fight cell damage. Protects kidney and liver.

Hygienically speaking , you will agree with me that since akwukwo Eberle is not reusable, that is you can not wash, store and reuse later after the first use, the danger of contamination is removed.

Personally, I think that one or all of the benefits listed above, including the fact that the moi moi wrapping is usually done with very fresh leaves, is responsible for the exotic taste of the wrapped beans cake. The taste is so unique and I for one always prefer eating my moi moi directly off the leaf wrapper with my fingers, Lol.

Go ahead and try it out. Prepare your moi moi using grand ma’s old fashion cooking recipes and let the useing of ewe era for the wrapping inspire your cooking style, then come tell us what you think on the comment section below.

Nigerian catering kitchen
Nigerian catering kitchen

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