The renown black soup is from the edo speaking people of eastern Nigeria. Cooked with the blended combination of at least three different types of leafy vegetables along with other soup condiments.

Nigerian Black soups

The black soup can be used in eating any kind of accompaniment you desire and being very rich in minerals and other vital nutrients, ithe is very healthy as well as very testy.

We will have a look at the complete ingredients we need for preparing this delightful soup.

  • As usual we need meat. This can be any meat of your preference but I will go with goat meat and offal.
  • We also need dry fish or smoked ones, whichever you like.
  • I love to add fresh crefish to this food. I like the taste of fresh crefish in my black soup.
  • Now the vegetables you like is what you useat but you have to combine at least three different types. I will use pumpkin, waterleaf, okazi leaf and bitter leaf. The bitter leaf should be thoroughly washed and per boiled to soften it before blending it together with the other vegetables.
  • For oils, I will prefer to use fresh palm fruits juice.
  • seasonings answer salt to taste.

Now that we have put together all the necessary ingredients we need for our delicious black soup, it’s time to move to the kitchen for the best part to begine.

  • first we wash the meat as well as the offals, spice it and per boil in a stock pot.
  • Then add the fresh crefish and the dry or smoked fish to the boiling pot and cook for a few more minutes.
  • Now time to add the vegetables. These would have been cleaned washed and blended together to a very fine texture.
  • Add the fresh palm fruit juice or your palm oil. If you are using palm fruit juice be sure to not make the soup too light. The consistency of the soup should be be neither light nor too thick.
  • Now the time to regulate seasoning and salt to taste.
  • Just cover and boil the soup for about five minutes after adding the vegetables and the soup is ready to be served.
Nigerian black soup

This soup can be served for lunch or dinner with any accompanied food you which to eat. Very nutritionally balanced , always a delight to the taste and very delicious .

Do give this food a try because we will really like to know what you think. For any questions or contributions you may have please use the comment section below.

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