What Is Personal Fashion

If you asked me what my personal fashion style is, I am likely to say that my personal fashion is my fashionable fashion to fashion myself in my own fashionable way, simple. Lol.

 Fashion style
A way of life

Generally, and on a more serious note, Personal fashion like it sounds simply means a very personalized fashion sense and your personalized version of the way you generally make choices for yourself in every aspect of your life.

It can not be copied or borrowed and can not be faked, even if you emulate a model, there will still be aspects of you that will be missing in the model and aspects of the model that you can not portray since what inspires your fashion style prrobably differs.
And if someone presents a fake or borrows someone else personal fashion, it won’t be in comfort, confidence or convenience, then, it may be seen as the fashion, but not a personal fashion.

Personal fashion
A comfortable outflow of you

It is very important to state here that though the meaning of fashion and personal fashion may look similar, there is still a difference between the two of them.
You may want to take a look at what-does-fashion-mean/ for some of the best meanings of fashion but here, we will discuss the meaning of personal fashion, also known as personal fashion style. Reading to the end will also show you the importance of personal fashion style and how to apply it.

To know and understand what your fashion style is, You will certainly have to know and understand what your fashion preferences are first before you can find, recognize and understand your personal fashion which easily means or is translated as any or all of the following;

Meanings of personal fashion

  • personal identity or manner of acting.
  • Private attitude and preferences to wears.
  • Personal choice of decoration.
  • A personal signature in outward appearance.
  • How you generally make choices.
  • Personality brand or design.
  • An outflow of yourself.
  • A popular style or manner of presenting oneself in confidence and comfort.
  • Overall personality and behavioral attitude.
  • What your body feels good presenting itself in.
  • What improves your confidence and carriage.
  • Outlet for expression of your self.
  • Conversation of the conception of self.
  • Personal empowerment, innovation and image.
  • Portray feeling and elicit confidence in one’s self.
Personal fashion
Confidence in Self

Conclusively, it is worthwhile to note that since you can be fashionable on a budget, Personal fashion, where it concerns clothing, is not just about what you wear or about the designer who made the wear but about how comfortable and confident you are wearing that outfit and also how well you carry yourself and the wear.
It is about that part of you that is not an imitation of something or someone else.
It is that you who feels really good and at ease with the way you present yourself both in attitude and preferences in manner of behavior and choices. It is your general carriage and comport. It is that self image that is uniquely yours and can always be associated with you.

It is your personality exposed.

It is also important to recognize and activate your personal fashion so as to improve and balance your self image, confidence and carriage and also to communicate a memorable and true identity of who you are.

To better understand, relate with and establish your true personal fashion style, you have to firstly understand why fashion is important to you as a person.

Secondly, you must become familiar with what inspires your fashion style preference, accept and refine it in order to define your fashion style.

And finally, we can not underestimate the importance of complete nutrition. Yes, diet that works will always have an undeniably important role to play for our body to be in good fit for our preferred personal fashion style.

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