Yes it’s time for vegetable soup but hey, I am not talking about the afang, edikiakong, and so on. I am presenting something different. Something that can go a long way in helping you reduce that weight and at the same time be very filling and nutritious. I am talking about the vegetable soup that can sky rocket the immune system and keep the doctors away for a very long time.

Vegetable soup recipe
Vegetable soup recipe

I call this meal a health pack.

A completely health balanced meal all by itself and just what the doctor recommends.

A merger of most of all those vegetables you give a passing look at or just pick with two fingers but I am bringing to us in a very eye catching, mouth watering enticing aroma and health enhancing plater.

Join me to the market as we gather our ingredients for this adventurous experience of a meal.

  • a couple or so of parsnip will do. This vegetable is a relation of carrots and we will need to peel and dice before use.
  • Some turnips, it’s a root crop and very healthy.
  • Daikon, you may want to use radish instead as they are related, or both still.
  • Radish. The more vegetables the merrier.
  • The root and leaf of parsley, we got lots of essential oils and minerals with this one.
  • Scallions, he is a brother to onions.
  • Eggplants, two of thus can play good.
  • Leek, the leaf sheaths are the edible part.
  • Cauliflower, the white bulb is what ee need in our soup.
  • Broccoli, bulb and stem if you want.
  • A bulb of onion.
  • some firm tomatoes
  • Garlic, hmm this is going to spicy.
  • Ginger. I said it, spicy.
  • Bell and Scott bonnet peppers. Now don’t go scorching your pallet with peppers.
  • Seasonings and salt.
  • Turmeric, you may want to stick to just a teaspoon of its powdery form.
  • for carbs let’s add some Irish potatoes.
  • And for protein, meat. Any form of thus you choose is OK but I like this soup best with either fresh fish or goat meat.

I told you this soup is a balanced meal all by itself. Do you still doubt me?

Market time over and kitchen time on.

Vegetable soup recipe
Vegetable soup recipe
  • First, get a clean stock pot, wash and cut the meat into sizes you like, (I like mine cut same size with my vegetables so with every spoonful I get a meaty surprise), then mix the meat with salt and seasonings into the pot a leave to cook till tender.
  • Then we are going to wash every single one of the vegetables we bought .
  • Peel the parsnips, radish, turnip, daikon, eggplant, scallions, parsley. , potatoes, ginger, garlic, and any other root or bulb vegetables you have added to your items.
  • Then get a chop board and chop all the peeled vegetables into small cubes so yhat every spoonful you eat will have as many different vegetables as possible.
  • Also cut the tomatoes, onion, peppers, leek and add to the mix.
  • Pick the cauliflower and the broccoli in as little pieces as you can.
  • Now all our vegetables are ready and the meat on the fire is tender. Add enough water to the pot to accommodate the vegetables.
  • Add all the chopped and cut vegetables to the pot and allow to cook for a few minutes.
  • Stir all toget her to get an email end mix and out vegetable soup is ready.
Breakfast recipe
Breakfast recipe

Note that the nutritional benefits of vegetables are derived best when they are eating raw or half cooked so for best advantage of this soup, we don’t want to overcook our soup. Medium raw is ok. This is why the meat has to be tender first before adding the vegetables.

This soup can be served to a sick person, children, aged, pregnant women, as after surgery meal, or just a meal to boost your immunity reduce/delay aging.

It is a complete meal on its own and you do not need to add any thing else to it if you wish not to and the nutritional value is all encompassing.

Go ahead and try it out and see if you don’t feel younger and as always, we will like to know how you went about it as well as all the details of your adventure with this meal.

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Till our next post, remember that your health nutrition is paramount and stay safe.

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