EKPAN NKUKWO real fantasy

Nothing compares to a really real African cousine, I mean that type of meal that completely brings out the most African of your African self, ekpancoco is one of the meals that does that for me.

Ekpan recipe
Ekpan nkukwo

Made with cocoa and several of other mouth watering and apertizingly tantalizing additives, ekpancoco us a native of the effik speaking part of Nigeria. A traditional meal always eaten with relish at whatever time or occasion you choose to serve it.

The culinary requirement for preparing this meal may seem a little more complicated than most but, hey, I think this grand royal delicious delicacy is deserving of all that attention accorded considering it is a celebrity among meals. At whatever gathering you serve this aursome meal , the medal will be yours.

We shall be gearing to the market now to put together the necessary condiments we need for our ekpancoco.

  • First is the staple, cocoyam. This we will peal, wash and grate to paste, yes, paste. Use a fine grater for this chore.
  • Secondly is the leafy vegetable we need. This can either be tender cocoyam leafs, pumpkin leafs or scent basil. You can use any other you like but these three, separately or together are most suitable. Just wash them clean and drain of water then it’s ready for use.
  • I like to use beef for this but game or goat meat goes well too.
  • you will also need stock fish as well.
  • I like to have run ins with little piece of dry fish in this meal so we get that too.
  • The periwinkle I prefer to use for my ekpancoco are the unpocked ones, I mean the ones still in their shells, mmm.
  • We need crefish.
  • Snails. It doesn’t mater of they are big or small ones, it’s all good. Just deshell and wash thoroughly with salt or alum.
  • Fresh palm fruits to be washed and juiced. The juice of palm adds better and more enticing taste to ekpancoco than just palm oil.
  • A bulb of onions to be chopped.
  • Dry grind Cameroon peppers.
  • Fresh scotch bonnet peppers to be blended to a smooth paste.
  • Seasonings and salt for taste.

NB: You can prepare your ekpancoco with cocoyam , wateryam or even plantain. You may want to combine them still.

Now for the kitchen art on this meal.

Ekpang recipe
  • The first thing I like to do when cooking with stock fish is to wash it and separately cook it till it is tender.
  • Then pour in the palm fruit juice and keep cooking.
  • Thoroughly wash the periwinkle and snails with salt water and put in a cooking pot on the fire.
  • wash, cut the meat to cubes and add to the pot.
  • Since the cocoyam is already grated and the vegetables washed, now we wrap the cocoyam, in little balls, with the vegetables and place them in the cooking pot with periwinkle.
  • pick the dry fish to bits or you may want it whole but it’s time to add this.
  • Blend the crefish and send sdd.
  • Add the scotch bonnet and Cameroon peppers as well as the chopped onions, seasonings and salt to your taste.
  • Now cover and cook for fifteen minutes then stir and cook for another two minutes and it is ready to be served.
Akpan recipe

You can decide to serve this meal to family or guest for any meal of the day. It os light enough for breakfast and staple enough for lunch or dinner. For whatever occasion you choose to grace with this meal, the excitement and feedback will always be positive so go ahead and try it out on u our own following grandma old fashioned recipe and come tell us about the adventure.

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