Bitter kola


At The Four Corners Of Your House, Put Bitter Kola And Here Is What Will Happen

Everything that God created has a purpose. There is nothing that is not useful. Thank God to the powers he has given unto herbs to help man on earth.

Put bitter kola at the four corners of your house and here is what will happen.

Bitter kola
Bitter kola
  1. Bitter kola scares witches far away

Put bitter kola at the four corners of your house and no witch can ever penetrate into your house. Witches hate bitter kola and you have to use bitter to great effect. There should be at least a bitter kola at every corner of your house in order to scare witches away.

  1. Bitter drives snakes away

If snakes have always been disturbing you in your compound, all you have to do is get some bitter kolas, spread it around your compound and snakes will be a problem of the past.

Likewise your house, if you put bitter kola at the four corners of your house, no snake can ever try to penetrate your house because snakes hate the odour that comes from bitter kolas.

  1. Bitter kola scatters poisons

Whenever you suspect you have taken poison or someone have taken poison, rush and get a bitter and chew and such poison will be overpowered and destroyed by the bitter kola.

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