One of the very important things that we always looked forward to in parties apart from jollof rice, was fried rice. It didn’t matter if the DJ was a joke. Who cared? It didn’t matter if you did not know what the party was all about or who the celebrant was. Oh no. It didn’t matter if you ate it yesterday or this morning at home, you still want to be served fried rice. Why? Hey! We are talking FRIED RICE here for ‘foodness’ sake.

Fried rice recipe
Fried rice @ Nigerian catering kitchen

So, can you just imagine the joy if knowing how to make this notoriously appetite provoking and wildly celebrated meal?

It’s easy and fun. And what’s more, you are going to be well rewarded of your effort and time on the kitchen when you finaly serve it at the dining table. At mine, the ‘devouration’ of the entire bowl, down to last grain, is always my pay.

I will take you straight to the market now for a all the ingredients we need for this meal and then we come to the kitchen for the fun part.

  • Half a kg of rice will be OK for two people.
  • Some carrots, fresh please.
  • A handful peas and runner beans.
  • 2 large green pepper
  • 2 of red bell peppers
  • Scott bonet peppers, just to your preference.
  • 2 firm average sized tomatoes
  • 2 onion bulb. I like onions a lot.
  • One tabspoonful curry powder
  • one table spoonful of dried ground turmeric powder.
  • 1 teaspoon ground dry ginger powder
  • A tablespoons full of thyme
  • 3 glove of garlic
  • Two cooking ladle full vegetable oil
  • Two table spoonfull of cooking butter.
  • cooked cow or goat liver.
  •   Seasoning and salt to taste.

One of the things that makes fried rice very eye catching is the way you can celebrate colors on it. The yellow color if the meal itself becones a back drop for brown, green, red, white, black, etc. Thus leave a gap for any experiment you may be tempted to do.

Fried rice recipe
Fried rice @ Nigerian catering kitchen

OK. Our condiments are all assembled in the kitchen so grandma says time for the game to begin.

  •   We will start first by washing the rice and parboiling it to half cooked. You may add a little salt to it if you please.
  • While the rice is on the fire, let’s ready our ingredients. Wash and chop the green and red bell peppers, carrot, cooked liver and tomatoes.
  • Slice the onions to full or half moon shapes, I like to see onions in my rice.
  • Blend the garlic and the scotch bonnet peppers. And all is ready.
  • Now the rice is half cooked as we want it so strain on a strainer to get ride of the starch water. We don’t need that.
  • In the cooking pot on the fire, melt the cooking butter and pour in the vegetable oil. Butter tends to add taste to meals.
  • Let the peas/green beans go in next and stir for a few seconds, we don’t want it scorched.
  • Pour in the half cooked rice and keep stirring for a few minutes. That’s why the ‘fried’ is in the name. Lol. This also gives the peas time to cook better.
  • Add the seasoning and salt to your tastes.
  • Now, after frying for some munites, add water, just so it is right below the surface of the rice. Any meat stock you have is welcome.
  • Add all the chopped ingredients as well as the sliced ones with the inclusion of the blended scotch bonnet peppers and garlic.
  • The curry, thyme, dried ginger powder addll turmeric powder can go it at this point.
  • Stir all the ingredients into the rice and cover the pot to cook.
  • Once the water in the rice dries up, our fried rice is ready for ‘yummyfication’

This meal can be eaten with any animal protein you choose to celebrate it with. You can eat it with goat meat, beef, fish, poultry bird, just anything goes but I think it will be best if the meat comes fried also. It’s fried rice recipe remember?

Fried rice recipe
Fried rice and grilled chicken

You can also decide to enjoy your fried rice with plant based protein. Moi Moi (beans cake) will vouch on this theory for me.

You can see that this meal is as interesting to eat as it is with the cooking. Try it on your own and come share your experience with us.

Do you have questions, suggestions or comments? Give us a holla, we always like hearing from you.

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Remember that health nutrition is what it takes to live happy and healthy.

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