BEST ABACHA RECIPE- African salad.

How to prepare abacha
African salad @ Nigerian catering kitchen

I remember when grandma would lavishly welcome us with a huge bowl of abacha. Hmm, those where the days.

ABACHA is one of those very well celebrated African meal that comes to the table mostly when there is a very important guest visiting or you just want to shine and brighten the dinning table to the delight of your friends and family.

Or perhaps, it is a very special occasion and you need to make it a very memorable one.

Just like most salad preparations, the preparation method of abacha is largely without fire as most of the ingredients used can be healthily consumed raw. So, No. Cooking. Ya all.

Before we dive into the preparation of abacha, we need to get outr items ready so to the market we go.

  • Abacha, made from cassava , is our main ingredient, there is no other way around this. We need half kg of this item.
  • A tablespoon full of potash is next. Thus we will melt in water as the liquid is what we will be needing
  • We need two cooking spoon full of red fresh palm oil.
  • A handful of cry fish.
  • A handful of dried or fresh prawns.
  • Some dried fish. The more of this kind of additives, the merrier.
  • already cooked stock fish. I like to cut it to little bits for my abacha.
  • a big bulb of onion. I like onions.
  • a handful of akpaka.
  • Two table spoon full of dried grind chemeroon peppers. You may like to adjust this bearing in mind that this meal is served cold and pepper is its only heat source.
  • Garden egg leafs and garden eggs if you feel like it. I always do.
  • Salt and seasonings.
How to prepare African salad
Abacha @ Nigerian catering kitchen

I like preparing food mainly for the fact that it allows you to be as creative as you dare, encouraging your personal fashion style of cooking, and abacha is not an exception. You can add to the list above as you care or you can exempt any item you are not comfortable with.

We have all we want for our African salad so now we can proceed to the kitchen for the main fun.

  • Get a clean mixing bowl and strain the potash water into it.
  • Slowly but add the oil while you stir steadily until you get a thick consistency.
  • Introduce the seasoning, salt and dry grind chemeroon peppers.
  • Then we add our cry fish, dried fish, prawns, stock fish, chopped or sliced onion and the akpaka.
  • Next is the garden egg leafs and diced garden eggs.
  • Lasting but very importantly, in goes the abacha.
  • Then stir until an even more is achieved.

And here is our very ready to be served and anjoyed abacha. You can still serve any kind of meat, espeacially grilled or dried, to go with your African salad and like I said earlier, you can twek your condiments to your preference.

It has been a wonderful time preparing this meal with you. You may want to look up the health benefits of some of the condiments in thus recipe to appreciate the use better.

Grandma old cooking recipes
African salad. Abacha

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Stay safe and healty.

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