BEST UGBA RECIPE – fermented African oil bean meal

The diversity of the African culture and the varieties of African meals never seize to be a thing of wonder and excitement to me. Take for instance this completely unashamedly African delicacy, ugba. What else can I say except that this delicacy is one meal you can’t resist salivating over.

Very rich in proteins, minerals , essential oils and vitamins and just enough carbohydrates to give you that energetic start you need for the go.

Ugba is an undoubtedly well balanced diet, highly respected as a culturally valued meal and has great reverence from all who has had the ‘good fortune’ to come by it.

So , I count myself really furtunate to know the. grandma’s old fashioned recipe for preparing this ‘igele’ of a meal and am very much honored to bring you the best recipe for preparing ugba.

Firstly we need to gather the condiments for our ugba preparation and the quantity is for two servings.

Fermented oil bean
Fermented oil beans
  • Akpaka is our main ingredient, no other way around this and we need about a twenty five cl cup full of this fermented African oil beans.
  • A table spoon of pure potash. This we disolve in a little water. This potash water is what we use.
  • five table spoonful of pure red palm oil.
  • Salt and seasoning.
  • Two table spoonful of grind dry chemeroon peppers.
  • A handful of garden egg leafs, and some garden eggs if you like.
  • an average sized onion bulb.
  • A handful of cry fish .
  • A hand full of fresh or dried prawns.
  • this is a meal that promises better as you make it richer so am adding cooked stock fish to my items.

Am sure you get the idea that ugba meal is a meal heavier on the minerals and protein so you can be as creative as you please. Whatever inspires your culinary fashion style in creating this is ok. Add dried meat, dried fish and just about any meaty meat or fishy fish you lay your culinary hands on. It’s allowed.

Now moving over to the kitchen for the preparation. Note that once you have cooked any fresh meat or fish you wish to add, the rest of the preparation process will be done ‘firelessly’. Let’s proceed to the kitchen for more information.

  • we have disolved the potash in water so now we strain the liguid for our use.
  • Add oil into the potash liguid in a gradual process as you stir the mixture with a wooden ladle till it tickens.
  • Add salt and seasonings to taste.
  • Mix in the grind peppers and shredded garden egg leafs, onion and garden eggs.
  • next we add the cry fish, prawns, picked dried fish, thin pieces of dried meat, etc.
  • My stock fish has already been cooked to tender so I cut it to bits and add to the mix.
  • Finally it’s time to add the akpaka.
  • Then we stir the entire mixture togather untill an even mix it’s achieved.

Then our delicious ugba meal is ready

Ubga meal recipe
Ugba meal

Serve this meal at any gathering, formal or informal and become the darling of all. You can also decide to treat you family and friends to an exceptional picnic. Or do you prefer to introduce ugba as dessert or a grand and exciting conclusion to an official meeting. It will, without fail , serve what ever purpose you design for it.

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