A delight on the pallet, easy to swallow, rymes with any accompaniment you wish it to go with , nutritional healthy, delicious and testy, does not require too many condiments, and very easy to cook.

Best Ogbono soup recipe
Ogbono soup

Ogbono soup is one of those soups I like to make always, especially when my budget is stretched out or the time I have to spend on the kitchen at that time is limited, trust me, it always delivers.

It does not require for you to unnecessarily exhust your pocket on condiments and neither do you need to make special preparations and arrangements in the kichen when you want to prepare this soup.

In fact, it is so easy and inexpensive to prepare ogbono soup that I always advice my single friends, both male and female, and the very busy family ones to always make sure they have the basics for ogbono soup at hand in their kitchen.

Furthermore, this easy to prepare and inexpensive soup is packed with so much nutrition and the few and simple ingredients are all health enhancing and delicious as you will find out in the list of ingredients below. We are going to cook for a family of four.

  • We need meat, a kilo will do. You can use any type of meat you like. I prefer beef, game, fresh or smoked seafood, goat meat or offal. We
  • Seasonings and salt to taste
  • Fresh pumpkin leaves. This is really optional and the quantity depends on how much you like fresh leafy vegetables. You can also decide you want to use bitter leave or cent basil, they all are healthy but give a different taste.
  • Stock fish head, this is mainly for aroma enhancements and also optional. You may choose to use dried fish instead. It’s all good.
  • Fresh peppers. How hot/peppery do you like your soup? Now don’t overdo it.
  • A handful of ogbono seeds. This you will need to ground to a smoth paste.
  • Ground crefish.
  • Fresh red oil. Am good with a few table spoon fulls.
  • If you want us to add that traditional taste and aroma to your ogbono soup, we will also need a tablespoon of locust beans: iru, ogiri, nune ,
  • And of course, a litter of water.ï

All the ingredients we need to prepare this ogbono soup is ready so let us turn on the cooker to begin already.

  • After washing the stock fish head, (if you are using this) place it in a cooking pot , add some water and allow to cook till it’s softens.
  • Now also wash and add the meat to the pot.
  • Add into it, your seasoning and salt
  • When the meat and stockfish is done, remove all from the pot leaving only the stock for the cooking. If the the stock is not up to a litter, add water to it.
  • Now it’s time for the cre fish and locust beans.
  • Then the blended fresh peppers and fresh chopped vegetable leave.
  • Alow to boil just so the vegetables tenderize.
  • While the pot boils, slowly stir in the ogbino paste and keep stirring for it to blend in with the water. While you are stirring, you will notice the water getting thick as it assimilate the ogbono
  • Then add the red oil, stir and finally return the meat into the soup and give it a final gentle stir.
Ogbono soup

It’s as simple as that. Our ogbono soup is very ready for consumption with whatever you want to serve it with, cold pap, cassava starch, cassava flex, tuwo, corn meal, it will go so smoothly with just about anything.

Like I said earlier, you can decide to experiment with different leafy vegetables, for different tastes and aroma, or completely skip vegetables. The animal protein you wish to use is ok, it’s all about you choice and preferences. There is no stiff necked protocol to it. Just have fun and experiment with your ogbono soup.

We will like to hear all about your experience with cooking this soup or do you know another easy and simple way to achieve this delightful and delicious result, share with, please.

We also like it when you like and rate our posts. Also share and follow our blog to be first to get a notice when we upload new post. post, remember that health nutrition is first priority and stay safe.

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