BEST UKWA RECIPE (Bread fruit)

For those times when you are hungry but you really do not want to for the regular meals like rice , yam and the likes, ukwa meal is your friend.

Best Ukwa recipe
Ukwa seeds

very nourishing and tasty, Easy to cook, kind to the system and agreeable to the palette, the breadfruit parrage is always an all time favorite protein pack. You can’t go wrong with it.

Although the cooking time of breadfruit is agreeably long, the cooking method tends to compensate for the length of cooking time by being very simple and easy.

The ingredients for cooking ukwa in the eastern part if Nigeria entails but just a handful of items that can be very easily identified and acquired.

So, let us head to the market to get out ingredients for the preparation of this whole meal.

  • First of course, we get our ns for two servings, they come in will still need to wash to get rid of grits.
  • Next we need scotch bonnet peppers, you can choose to either chop or blend this to paste.
  • Seasonings and salt to your taste.
  • Potash, just a pinch to aid the ukwa softening faster.
  • An onoon bulb to be slicer or diced.
  • well now if you choose to complicate this simple meal to make it more inviting, we can then add stock fish or dried fish. Dried meat is still not a bad idea.
  • some leafy vegetable to ‘greenify’ our ukwa. It could be spinach, pumpkin leaf or even garden egg leafs.
  • And for color, I always prefer to use a little turmeric powder instead of red palm oil. The ukwa has its own very healthy oil and I like you go with just that.

See? Very easily sourced and simple to use ingredients.

Best Ukwa Recipe
A plate of ukwa meal.

We will need to proceed to the kitchen to find out kust how to put this together to make us this great meal.

  • So we have thoroughly washed our breadfruit grains , now we pour into a cooking pot an add some water, three times to volume of the ukwa will be good, then the cooking begins.
  • When the water starts to boil, it is time to add the potash.
  • If you are using stock fish, which usually I cook separately for most meals, you will need to add it to the ukwa at some point in the cooking, long before the ukwa is soft, so that it too can cook tender.
  • NB: The general time I cook my ukwa is usually an hour but this could be plus or minus depending on the dressing method prior to my purchase .
  • when the ukwa is well tender and soft, time to drain some of the broth out. This you can serve along side the main meal in a separate bowl or in the plate with the ukwa.
  • Them time to introduce the dried fish, thats assuming we used it with tge stock fish or we use it only. Alow a little time for the fish to cook.
  • Now we add the pepper, a pinch salt and seasoning, the turmeric powder, the sliced leafy vegetables and onions.
  • Cover to cook for a couple of minutes then here is our delicious ukwa porridge meal ready to serve.
Ukwa meal
Ukwa meal

You can see that the ingredients as well as the method is very simple and easy. However, like most meals, there is still a lot of space for you to tweak the condiments to your preferred taste, being as creative as you please or just following the doctor’s instructions, it’s all good.

I sincerely hope this post has been of help to you. I hope you share and do follow our blog to be first to get noticed of subsequent post.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or you wish to share your experience with ukwa, please do not hesitate to tell us all about it.

Till next post, remember that health nutrition is paramount and stay safe.

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