BEST JOLOF RICE RECIPE. grandma’s recipe.

I can’t remember what it was that ever had the power to keep me away from loitering by the dinning area any time gram was performing her magic in the kitchen, especially if her performance ended with steaming bowls of her special jollof rice.

I really never cared what accompanied it but now we will deal exclusively with grandma’s recipe for jollof rice.

Jollof rice recipe
Jollof rice

Let’s start the fun first with a comprehensive list of all we need for grandma’s jollof rice,

Here are the ingredients and the quantity is for four people, tweak yours to meet your requirement:

  • twenty five cl of vegetable oil
  • an ounce of cooking butter
  • two big onion bulbs (I like onion a lot)
  • a few garlic fingers, crushed is best.
  • a table spoon full of blended fresh ginger.
  • half table spoon each of blended nutmeg, curry powder, thyme, and tumeric.
  • five big bell peppers
  • a fifty cl cup full of blended red tomatoes.
  • Green beans and grated carrots for garnish
  • Seasonings and salt to taste.
  • And ofcurse, rice. Half a kilo gram will do.

Our ingredients are all set so we move to the kitchen for the game to begin.

Rt we are going to make the stew for the jolly hollow rice.

  • Heat the vegeagle oiling a deep fryer and add one chopped bulb of onion into it.
  • Pour in the tomatoes and peppers and allow to steam for a cope of min.
  • Then add the salt, seasonings,
  • Add half of curry, thyme, garlic, ginger, nutmeg and tumeric. The job for the remaining half’s of these spices will come soon enough.
  • So now, we alow the stew to fry dry but careful we don’t over dry or scotch it. We want he taste preserved. Then it’s done.

Time for the main reason we are in the kithen.

  • Our rice is already washed and free of all impurities.
  • pour the rice into a cooking pot and place it on tge fire with just enough water to cook it done. (Any meat stuck you have available is welcome)
  • Scoup half of the stew into the pot with the rice
  • Add the remaining halves of the spices into the rice pot on rgw fire
  • add some seasoning and salt to your taste and alow to cook for fifteen to twenty minutes.

Adter the given time, our rice is near done and the water in it is almost all dried up so we move over to the art part. Thus part is one big difference between grandma’s jolly jollof and most you encounter otherwise.

  • now the grated carrots and green beans goes into the cooking rice pot.
  • The second bulb of onion gts chopped, diced, or sliced, (as you please) and added to the rice
  • in goes our ounce of butter
  • Dont forget we still have some stew left. So over all we have in the pot already, we add the remaining stew and this time, we stir the content of our rice pot to thoroughly mix everything to an when look.
  • Last thing to do on this faze is to cover the pot for a couple of minutes so that the water completely dries up and our rice is ready.

Who wants a taste?

Jollof rice recipe
Jollof rice

This recipe has always been a winning hand for me for anytime I am connered and have to perform a miracle for my guests.

It goes very comfortably with what ever you wish to accompany it: poultry, fish, pork chop, sea food, meat, weather grilled, fried, steamed or baked.

You can also decide to treat this meal with side vegetables, in fact, it allows for all the art you care to serve your meal with on the dinning, no holds bared.

Now you know why I can’t wonder from the dinning area when thus recipe is on the making. You too can keep you family and loved ones on their seat with it

We will like for you to try out this wonderful and exciting recipe and let’s us know what you think.

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Do you have another interesting recipe for jollof rice that you wish to share with us or you have questions and contributions, we will like to hear from you.

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