An undeniable essential in every home, The tomatoes sauce comes as one of those stews you can always rely on for emergencies.

Best Tomato stew recipe
Tomato stew

As a very busy single person or you have a family with very ravenous members, the availability of tomatoes stew in the house will always save the day for those times you can hardly begins to think of going through the entire process of bringing a complicated meal to the table, and what’s more, tomatoes stew is healthy and nutritional

Tomato sauce is mainly used to eat cooked white rice or spaghetti but it is not exclusive to that. Tomato sauce can be added to your sandwich makings, it can be used to eat cold pap, bread, boiled yam and other tuber crops as well as any other use you can find for it, tomato stew will always come true for you.

Preparing tomato sauce is as easy as they come, in fact, tomato stew can easily be one of the first stew you introduce to your children’s cooking lessons. It was mine, lol.

You can choose to make your tomatoes sauce with fish, goat meat, beef, pock chops, poyltry birds, or even seafood like crab, prawns, shrimps, oysters, crayfish, or

Before we go into the details of preparation, let us put together our ingredients first.

  • We will be needing half a litter of vegetable oil.
  • A kilo of fresh beef.
  • a big bulb of onions. I love lots of onions in my stew.
  • Fresh red Bell pepper , this one is not really peppery but is sure to add pleasantly red color and thickness to our stew.
  • Fresh chili peppers. Now careful with this one if you don’t want the stew to be very hot.
  • cayenne peppers. I like the taste of it in stews.
  • a twenty five cl cup full of fresh grind tomatoes paste.
  • a tablespoonful of thyme
  • A tablespoon of curry powder.
  • A table spoon of dry grind turmeric powder.
  • A couple bay leafs.
  • A few cloves of garlic
  • A little ginger.
  • Salt and seasonings
  • And you may want to pinch in a dash of green leafy vegetables like spinach or spring onion if you like. Or better yet use curry leafs instead, or with, curry powder.
Best Tomato stew recipe
Tomato stew

Generally, stews are fried but you know that too much frying of vegetables, tomatoes and peppers being among, might reduce their nutritional as well as health values. So no overdoing, right?

  • So first we get all our ingredients on the ready. Blend all peppers with half the onion as well as the garlic and the ginger.
  • Blend the tomatoes with the peppers if you still have yours in their fruit form.
  • Slice the remaining onions.
  • Whichever meat you are using get you may want it parboiled now because the stock will be useful later.
  • Bow, get a deep fryer over the fire and pour in the vegetable oil. Alow to heat for a little while.
  • add your sliced onions to the heated oil and stir for a couple seconds.
  • Then pour in the blended peppers mixture as well as the tomatoes paste.
  • Add your seasonings and salt while you constantly stir the paste.
  • After a couple minutes, add the thyme, curry powder, turmeric powder and bayleaf. And keep stirring occasionally, we don’t want it scorching and spoiling the taste.
  • After a few minutes of stirring, occasionally introduce the meat stock in little quantity into the stew while you stir. If you have no meat stock, water serves.
  • Your leafy vegetable, whatever you have choosen, can be added at tgis point.
  • Once you notice a slight change of color in the brightness of the red, I pronounce it ready to be served.!

I like my tomato stew medium raw. I like to know that I have spent my money and time to add some more value to my health and being a minerals and vitamins based stew, tomato stew fills that need.

It also fills the need for an urgent healthy home cooked meal if you have it ready made or the main ingredients are ready in the garden.

You can cook it with any kind of meat you want and serve it with any accompaniment you like. The value of tomato sauce never depreciates and it’s usage is abundant.

I believe this post has been of good use to you. Do you have any questions suggestions, request or you may want us to post on a recipe you need, the comments section is yours to use.

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