There are few soups that a hardly ever get tired of eating. EGUSI soup is one of those.

Best Egusi soup recipe
Egusi soup

let me not bore you by elucidatin on nutritional benefits of this soup but I can not help letting you know that this soup is packed with protein, minerals and essential oils as well as fluid, while whatever solids you choose to eat it with will definitely provide you with the balancing carbs to balance the equation.

Egusi soup is very cost friendly, easy to prepare and always totally in agreement with any available accompaniment you decide on. A welcome delight at the table, a pleasant sight for the eyes and an aroma that you can not resist.

Like I said, egusi soup is a delight to prepare and you have plenty variants taste, (as decides the vegetable used) to choose from.

The ingredients that we are going to need for the preparation of this soup are listed as:

  • Meat. What meat to choose to use will have its own way of affecting the taste but the result is never wrong. I will use a combination of beef and chicken for mine. Wink.
  • I am going to add stock fish head here. Aroma is the game.
  • Some peices of dried fish. Taste is the name.
  • Periwinkle (picked). Hmm. Now you got me going. If I wasn’t using both beef and chicken in this soup I might be tempted to add snails but then we also have dried fish and stock fish too.
  • A twenty cl cup of grind melon seeds. In some variation, dried groungnut are added to this. This will also pimp the taste.
  • Grind Scotch bonnet peppers. Just to your preferred heat.
  • A tablespoon of dried grind black peppers .
  • Cry fish, a handful of it grind.
  • Fresh leafy vegetables : you can choose to use pumpkin, cent basil, washed bitter leaf, garden egg leafs, in fact, any leafy vegetable goes just fine.
  • Five tablespoons of fresh red palm oil or a cooking ladle full will do. You can choose to just wash palm fruits and use the juice instead of palm oil.
  • Then we need salt and seasoning to your tastes.
Best Egusi soup recipe
Egusi soup

From the list if items we need and the varieties I mentioned, you can see that their is no stiff rules to making this soup. Besides, cooking generally is an art and one is a lower to be as inventive as one dares. That is where the fun in the kitchen lies.

How to cook egusi soup.

Now, in to the kitchen we go.

  • first I wash and cook the stock fish head, with some water, till it softens.
  • Proteins are nest derived from food when it is well cooked, this is why we almost always start our cooking with the meat. So, i wash and cut my chicken and beef to my prefered sizes, put them in a seperate clean cooking pot and cook till it’s medium raw.
  • Then into the pot of chicken and beef I add the dried fish and periwinkle.
  • Add some water, just enough to cook the soup. We don’t want our soup to compete with the river . If you have meat stock, even the stock from the stock fish is welcome.
  • Add you seasoning and salt.
  • Now add the grinder egusi into pot and continue to cook for about ten minutes.
  • time to add the peppers and cry fish as well as the ready cooked stock fish.
  • Cook for about five minutes then add the shredded leafy vegetable you choose. Am using pumpkin leafs.
  • Next and finally is the palm oil. Then stir for an even mix and allow to boil for two minutes tops and our egusi soup is done. At this time, the meat is completely cooked, the stock fish is tender enough to eat and the vegetable is only partly cooked. Yummy!

This soup can be escorted into the stomach by just about any carby solid you like, even white rice. Yes, rice.

Egusi soup recipes
Egusi soup

You can see that this soup cooking was fun all the way. Experiment with different types of vegetables and meat and come tell us your findings. And you can analyze your outcome with a different type of accompaniments each time.

We like to hear all about your adventures with egusi soup so don’t forget to share with us. Like and share our post as you follow our blog to be first on the notice for new blog posts.

NB:method for cooking with dried stock fish is different from the method I use for cooking fresh meat in the sense that the stock fish in dried and need’s water for the cooking, maybe lots of water added intermittently as the previous dries. Whereas you may not need water to cook fresh meat. The meat may already have the quantity of water needed for it to cook to your desire and this method adds to the taste of the meat. This is why I cook them separately, then add them together as the cooking proceeds, if I use them both in a meal.

Till our next post, stay safe and remember that healthy nutrition is the most important.

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