Best Pepper soup recipe


Best pepper soup recipe
Beef pepper soup

Pepper soup, generally, is a very delicious and irresistible soup cooked with any kind of animal meat; include beef and veal from cattle, pork, ham and bacon from pigs, mutton from sheep, venison from deer, fish, insects, and poultry from chickens, ducks and turkeys. crustaceans, pork, Lamb, venison, even game. It all depends on the preference of the consumer. 

Pepper soup is largely enjoyed in Africa with Nigeria top on the chart. 

It can be taken with an accompaniment like Yam, black (unripe) plantain, rice, or any carbohydrate desired to make it a complete and staple meal.

Pepper soup is basically a protein rich soup and can be recommended as protein replenishing food for someone who is low/deficient on proteins. 

The basic method for cooking any of your choice is the same and the ingredients do not very much differ, if at all.

Ingredients for preparing beef pepper soups

For the purpose of this recipe, I am going with fresh beef from a healthy cow, Lol.

The basic ingredients for preparing this beef pepper soup are as follows and the quantity is for two plates, however, you can decide to adjust the ingredients to your taste:

  • Seasonings (one cube)
  • Salt for taste 
  • Scent basil. (Ocimum gratissimum), Nchanwu in ibo, effirin in yoruba and diadoya in housa. a hand full.
  • Ground dry ginger half tea spoon.
  • Uziza leaf (piper guineense)
  • A few leafs of Utazi in ibo or arokeke in yoruba, ( gongronema latifolium ) 
  • Half teaspoon of dried, dehusked and ground African nutmeg, ehuru also known as monodora myristica Ariwo in yoruba, ehu in ibo or gujiya dan miya in housa.
  • Half teaspoon of ground dried scotch bonnet peppers, also known as black pepper or cameroon pepper. 
  • Half kg of beef.
  •  75 cl of water .

NB: For our friends who don’t understand the local names of some of the spices and would like to try this delicious and nourishing delicacy, the English as well as botanical names are here for you to find it easier to source for the ingredients and you want to Follow our blog so you dont miss out on the health nutritional benefits of these special African condiments to help you understand the value of them.

Method for preparing beef pepper soup.

Now that we have all the basic ingredients for our beef pepper soup, let’s discuss the best method of preparation according to grandma’s old fashioned recipe.

Nigerian catering kitchen
  • Cut the beef to your preferred sizes, wash thoroughly and put them in a clean source pan. The sizes you choose will determine the total cooking time.
  • Add the dry ground ginger and the dry ground scotch bonnet peppers to the mix. Please take into consideration, your tolerance to peppers and regulate this accordingly.
  • Time to add our dry, dehusked and ground ehuru, our African nutmeg. Remember, just half tea spoon because the taste and aroma of it is very potent and we don’t want it to overshadow the other condiments.
  • Then the Seasonings and salt to your taste. Omit the salt if you are one of those who need to. The rest of the condiments will cover for it.
  • Now mix the spices well into the meat to blend it in as best as you can.
  • Cover and place the source pan
  • Wash and slice the scent basil, uziza and utazi leafs and add to the pan. All these leafs will amount to just a fistful after slicing.
  • Finally, cover the source pan and leave the soup to boil till beef is well cooked and tender and…

…Tadaaa! Our beef pepper soup is ready for you to enjoy with family and friends. 

In conclusion

Pepper soups are an all time favorite soup but serves best during cold weathers as some of the ingredients can help in keeping the body warm.

You can also prescribe pepper soups in flu season’s as most of the items used in cooking it have qualities that can help you combat the cold.

You can see that this is very easy to prepare. The ingredients listed above, save the beef, are the basic ingredients for preparing all kinds of pepper soups. You just add whatever meat you wish to use and you are on point. So, go ahead and give this a try then come share your experience with us.

For some of us, I hope you are among, who appreciate a good meal better when they know the basic nutritional value of what they eat and for those who like to know and are concerned with the quality of what they consume, this blog does not only outline the ingredients and methods of cooking but also the health and nutritional value of some of the culinary condiments that we tend to ‘commonize’ and overlook. Yes, we like to talk about our nutritional health too.

We often regard these micro additives to our food as just spices but in truth, most of them, if not all are embodiment of very useful micro nutrients that can help us live a longer healthier life and keep the body always looking smashing in what inspires your fashion style.

I hope this post has been useful to you. If there is anyway we can improve to better serve you or you have any contributions or questions, please do let us know in the comments section below and don’t forget to like our post, share to friends and follow our blog to be the first to know when we upload new posts.

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