How to be fashionable on a budget.

Being fashionable does not necessarily translate to being extravagantly expensive. Oh, it’s okay if that’s your preferred personal style and you have the means but it’s not mandatory for you to spend beyond your means in the name of fashion.

Fashion hair
Hair style

You can look as chic as you please with little effort and expense. You just need to first understand the imppryance of fashion is important to you as a person, then discover. what inspires your personal fashion and with this you arrive at the understanding of what. your personal fashion style is. Now you are on a good lane to being fashionable and on a budget too.

There are several dress fashion styles you can get inspiration from. The most common of them are listed and explained below:

  • The minimalistic dress fashion style;

Minimalism is not about abandoming pattern or print. To me, minimalism is a philosphy that involves an overall sense of balance, knowing when to to take what away, subtract or add. It’s an indulgence in superbly executed cut, quiet plays of color tones and clean strong shapes to create a simple but chic outcome.

According to Calvin Klein,
“minimalism is about having less and enjoying the things you have more”. So it’s even more important to buy the right things; clothes that are of high quality and fit you extremely well and makes you feel great.

Some examples of minimal garments include:

Fashion style
Fashion style

A simple tailored jacket. A winter coat. A designer little black dress. A minimal tuxedo. One simple handbag. A minimal watch tailored and high quality, and guess what, the simplest pieces make the biggest impact.

  • Next is the person with a natural style personality;

This set prefers easy-to-wear pieces in relaxed fabrics which allow you to move freely.
You favour fewer pieces in fabrics like leather, suede, linen, silk, wool and cashmere.
You’re likely to favor greens, denim blues and autumnal shades – colors you can find in the countryside.
A low maintenance beauty and an easy to follow hair routine is your take and you aren’t too bothered about following fashion trends.
This outfit is casual, yet well put together, with little finishing touches, such as the detailing on the fabric. You like to appear as natural as you care which make it all the more special.

  • Another is The trendy and fashionable style;
Fashion style
Fashion apparel

This is an embrace of seasonal trends.
This ‘fresh oof the runway’ looks are about taking risks and gladly standing out. While the looks can be a lot of fun, they are often outdated pretty soon and are often not as timeless as classic or minimalist styles.
You tend to be fashionable and trendy if you embrace the new trends each year and incorporate them into your style.
You are willing to take risks and are happy to stand out. This style can be a lot of fun and very arty, but will look outdated soon enough.

Some of the things that go in and out of fashion fast include:
Shoulder pads, Platform heels, Colors, Sequins, Outrageous hats, Skirt volume etc.

  • The glamour dress fashion style.
Fashion style
Fashion. Style

Glamorous style is more about being able to balance that glitzy side of your style personality without ever venturing into looking tacky.
It’s about still looking sophisticated, but with extra pizzazz.
You don’t feel fully dressed without accessorizing.
You’re likely to have an extensive collection of handbags, statement
statement jewelry, sunglasses, hats and scarves, and you don’t keep them for special occasions.
As well as beautiful colors, you also love texture in your outfits including sequins, lace, leather, cashmere and faux fur.
Petra (above) combines glamorous pieces in to her outfit including a sequin skirt, gold silk shirt and a Prado bag.

you love to look feminine and pretty, and you wouldn’t go out without looking groomed, you may well have a romantic style personality.
Being practical or comfortable is not always your top priority.
Your eye is drawn to pretty pieces and patterns, including tactile fabrics. Your clothes may feature frills, ruffles, bows and lace and have pastel shades and other soft colors.

  • The bohemian is another great way to dress.
Fashion style
Fashion style

You can’t be a behemian in tight clothes. It just doesn’t work. you have to be able to move and dance and climb.”
Diane von Furstenberg.
Women with bohemian style like movement, color and sparkle. It is an nonconforming style that tends to be associated with the hippie era.
Maria (above) layers her faux fur vest over a boho dress for a classic bohemian look.
Some examples of bohemian garments include:
A peasant blouseThe hippie skirtA (fake) fur vestA tunicA caftanBehommian handbagsLong necklacesA poncho
This is the constantly evolving style that develops on the streets of the big cities. It is constantly changing and quite undefinable, but it tends to be a mix of casual and hip and what’s happening in the w

  • Preppy
Fashion and you
Fashion style

This collegiate-inspired style is casual in the main. You are into a “geek chic” look. You love to wear skirts and dresses as well as classic blouses with pussy bows or peter pan collars.
Patricia’s look above is the perfect example of a preppy style.
You love cozy knits, checks and stripes and prefer to wear flat shoes and natural fibers, including leather as well as wool.
your clothings and aren’t trend obsessed. It’s much more important to you to have a good closet of essentials than to shop for a statement piece each season.

  • Rock dress fashion style .

Black is definitely the color that dominates your outfits when you have a rock style personality.
Being comfy and edgy aren’t mutually exclusive. Your style is predominantly casual, but with an edgy twist.
While you won’t opt for overtly feminine embellishments like embroidery or frills, you do like to embellish your outfits and accessories with buckle and stud details.

  • Architectural style
Fashion style
Fashion style

You aren’t too keen on floaty, flowing fabrics if you have an architectural style personality. Instead you like your clothing to have structure.
You are likely to opt for fabric which gives some shape to your look rather than a smock style, for example.
Mila (above) has chosen a structural skirt. She combines her look with very architectural earrings.
You are likely to opt for contemporary pieces which have geometric shapes and unique structures – from your tops down to your accessories.

  • Eurostyle

is difficult to pin down exactly what the Eurochic style is, but it is seen on women who seem to look effortlessly hip and stylish
If you have a eurostyle, you like to combine more expensive timeless pieces with less expensive high street options. The way you put them together looks very sophisticated.
While you may have bought the pieces in your closet anywhere in the world, your style looks as if it has been honed in Europe.
You would look equally at home in any of the cities in Europe, whether visiting Milan, Paris, Rome or London, or strolling the streets of Capri.

  • Eclecticism dress style
Fashion style
Fashion style

The eclectic woman knows how to mix and match all the different styles and truly make it her own. To make this style really work, it is important to have a good eye for what you like, to know what suits you and to have the innate style instinct or (learned) knowledge to mix it all together.
This is a very creative and fun way of dressing.

Now, if you are like most women, you will have elements of a few of these different styles in your own personal style. I tend to like classical garments and go for a minimal look.
But I also love fashion, new trends and new colors each season.
I’m not that attracted to the bohemian style; it just doesn’t feel like me. Garments in that style tend to be worn only a few times, so it would be best for me to avoid buying those kinds of clothes altogether.

With the understanding of my preferred personal fashion style, i can go on to confidently buy only those piece that agrees with me and not just spend and stock up on items that I may end up not being comfortable in.

What about you? What kinds of dress style do you prefer. You can tell us all about it on the comment section below.

Do have in mind the fact that healthy lifestyle boosts and balances the perfect fashion.

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