Is Fashion Important

Miuccia Prada said that what you wear is how you present yourself to the world and especially now when human contact are so quick, it’s an instant language.

Fashion Style
Culture as fashion

Every body you meet will have a different understanding of what fashion is by reason of what inspires their personal fashion and as such will have his own regard to fashion according to his personal fashion style and its importance to him.

Personally, I do not think that fashion has that much power to become an almighty important factor in one’s life, but first, let us look at most of the basic and generally agreed importance of fashion to mankind in general.

General Importance of fashion to mankind

  • Protects modesty
  • Reflects and differentiate the culture of a group .
  • Announces the status of a person.
  • Helps in self expression.
  • Embolden and empowers a person.
  • Improves confidence and self esteem.
  • Affects interactions
  • Helps present a person.
  • Signaling mood.
  • Announces allegiance
  • Defines, communicate and controls a person’s image.
  • Communicate respect.
  • Elicit commerce and maintain its continuing.
  • A symbol of your status.
  • Outward of a person’s inward thoughts.

Yes, fashion like most other things involving living, has its general importance, yet after listing most of the basics here, I still believe that fashion is as important as an individual makes it or allows it to be.

Fashion Style
Dance Fashion

For a lot of people, fashion is just ease and comfort, for some it’s just a case of modesty, to a handful it’s an identification while for others it’s ethics and culture, yet some see it as glamour, status or class, and a number regards it as worship or simply a business preference.

In all cases mentioned and more, fashion holds its own importance to every individual for their own use for it and the definitions of fashion to them.

However, you will agree with me that in no way does fashion tell if someone is trustworthy, honest or reliable, certainly not when people on all sides of the fashion sense lie or cheat as easily.

It does not give a peep into the diligence of a person or how hardworking he is.
You don’t look at someone’s dressing and determine whether he is intelligent, funny, superstitious, or if he is a kind person or a perverted individual. If fashion could show any of these in an individual, people won’t be so suspicious of each other.

Fashion style
Life style

You don’t tell the healthy from the infectious or Corona virus won’t be such a scare.

Fashion can not show you exactly how wealthy, influential or the social standing of a person, well, not when I can very easily rent a tuxedo or fence a tiara.

I can go on and still I won’t write it all down, but simply put, fashion might be generally seen as an instant language but it does not speak of a person’s inward thoughts and image nor does it convey even his superficial personality.

Furthermore, following the different trends of fashion and the evolving styles by the designers means that you will have to be totally reliant on external influence to direct your personal fashion sense and thereby , your personal fashion style, consequently being misguided on what inspires your fashion style and generally loosing your original fashion individuality.

 Fashion style
Fashion Style

Whatever the importance we place on fashion , it is noteworthy the fact that our health nutrition coupled with nutritious food recipes will always be the best foundation for a great and exciting fashion.

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Stay healthy and safe.

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